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About the Washington State Academy of Sciences


The Washington State Academy of Sciences provides expert scientific and engineering analysis to inform public policy-making, and works to increase the role and visibility of science in the State of Washington.


The Washington State Academy of Sciences will be a premier source of objective scientific and technological information on important issues, questions and problems to achieve informed public policy decisions in Washington State.

Leadership and Governance

The management of all the affairs, property, and interests of the Academy shall be vested in a Board of Directors consisting of 12 members in addition to the President, President Elect, Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board is responsible for governing the WSAS affairs in accordance with its bylaws. The Executive Director position is Ex. Officio non-voting.

Membership and Organization

Membership of the Washington State Academy of Sciences is organized in five disciplinary sections.Each member may designate a primary discipline in their section, and also a secondary discipline that may be in another section.

Collectively, WSAS member expertise can contribute to scientific and technical analysis of major issues that Washington State may face, for example: the Puget Sound and other critical ecosystems, impacts of climate change including ocean acidification, sustainable natural resource management (e.g., forests, fisheries, wildlife, soils, minerals, and water), transportation, health and wellness, food security and safety, energy, and STEM education.

All members are nominated and elected by their peers, either directly into the WSAS or by virtue of election to the National Academies—the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine. A significant proportion of members have extensive experience on the National Research Council, the research arm of the National Academies.

WSAS has six standing committees.

  1. Executive Committee-Nancy Woods, President
  2. Finance Committee-Eugene Nester, Chair
  3. Membership Committee-Earll Murman, Chair
  4. Nominations Committee-Subhash Singhal, Chair
  5. Planning Committee for the Annual Meeting-Allan Konopka, Chair
  6. Study Oversight Committee-Anjan Bose, Chair

The general scope and responsibilities of each are summarized here. Members are invited to indicate their desire to serve on a standing committee by contacting the current committee chair and the WSAS current President.


Only Academy members may submit formal nominations. Consideration of a candidate begins with his or her nomination, followed by an extensive and careful vetting process that results in a final ballot previous to the Academy’s annual meeting in September each year.

The key disciplinary section areas represented in Academy membership include, but are not limited to: