What We Do

The Washington State Legislature authorized WSAS in 2005 as a private, nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization whose work is nonpartisan, independent and funded from both private and public sources.

WSAS Members are nominated and recognized by their peers as outstanding leaders in their respective scientific and technical fields and are committed to serving the citizens of Washington. Its 250+ members’ expertise cuts across the physical sciences and mathematics, engineering and technology, biological sciences, health sciences, and behavioral and social sciences. Most are also members of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering or Medicine, and a significant proportion of them have served on National Academies’ study committees.

WSAS engages its Members’ expertise in specific scientific and technical reviews and analyses using a committee structure modeled after the one used by the National Academies. Great care is taken to appoint committees of specialists to conduct high-quality studies; subject draft reports to rigorous, independent science and technical peer review; and secure WSAS Board of Directors approval before the release of reports to ensure that they are free from bias and conflict of interest.

WSAS addresses a range of challenging public issues – environmental quality; sustainability and climate change; jobs, infrastructure and economic development; and quality of life, health, education and workforce development. Its reports do not contain policy recommendations; rather, they contain the best available scientific and technical analyses to inform public discussion and decision making.