We live in a time of extraordinary opportunities and challenges – many of which involve issues of science, technology, health, and the environment. The Washington State Academy of Sciences (WSAS) is a unique state resource for the government, organizations and citizens as they confront these challenges and seize opportunities to improve their lives.

WSAS is the premier source of objective scientific and technological information on important issues, questions and problems to achieve informed public policy decisions in Washington State.  Our mission is to provide expert scientific and engineering analyses to inform public policy making and work to increase the role and visibility of research in Washington State.

WSAS leads and serves Washington State by

    • Identifying and recruiting as Members the state’s most distinguished scientific and technical experts;
    • Developing and sustaining a culture of scientific and technical excellence in Washington State through annual scientific symposia, public and K-12 education programs, and support for students in science and engineering;
    • Identifying emerging trends and needs that will have significant impact on our citizens’ future;
    • Organizing in-depth discussions about important issues confronting Washington State;
    • Responding to requests from the Governor, the State Legislature, and other state entities or private organizations for authoritative, independent scientific and technical advice to inform policy development and decision making in Washington State; and
    • Convening study committees and issuing objective reports that are funded by the government and non-governmental organizations.